Sensor solutions for mobile vehicles and carts

Industry 4.0 is picking up speed: SICK modular solutions portfolio for mobile platforms now makes it possible to implement line guidance, navigation, positioning, environmental recognition, security and load handling with ease.

Flexi Loop from SICK: Smart series connection of sensors with detailed diagnostics

With Flexi Loop a safe series connection of up to 32 safety sensors while maintaining the highest level of safety is possible. Regardless of the manufacturer, any combination of safety switches and safety sensors with OSSD outputs can be used. Such a system set-up also guarantees the continuous diagnosis of all door switches, emergency stop push-buttons and sensors. Used in connection with Flexi Soft, the entire safety application can be tailored to meet the customer's needs -- cost-effective, personalized and efficient.

Robustness of SICK microScan3 Safety Laser Scanner

microScan3 Core: the beginning of a new generation of safety laser scanners from SICK. The microScan3 has been developed with demanding and harsh industrial applications in mind down to the last detail. The perfect combination of safety and productivity.

Safe tire curing solutions from SICK: For safe and more productive tire manufacturing

The SICK safety solution for tire curing machines is designed specifically to safeguard machines in compliance with the standards EN 16474 and GB 30474. It includes all technical protective devices as well as the associated engineering. The intelligent protection concept optimizes productivity, avoids waste, and ensures acceptance by operators. The loading area is protected by a safety laser scanner which uses its intelligent approach function to automate restarting. Either monitored access points or opto-electronic protective devices can be used to protect the area at the rear of the machine. The solution features configuration and validation on site as well as diagrams in E-PLAN format. This saves time and gives you security at all levels.

KTS and KTX: The new era of contrast sensors from SICK

Nothing simply improves by itself. Except these: our new KTS and KTX incorporate more than just the reliability and availability of contrast sensors from the market and technology leader. We go further: TwinEye-Technology®, multifunctional display, individual setting options. And offer contrast sensors that now also detect colors. The advantages? Significantly higher performance and process stability as well as more possible applications. But without anything changing.

Heavy duty sensors from SICK: Reliable - even under tough conditions

Demanding ambient conditions - Heavy-duty sensors from SICK rise to the challenge. Reliability - even under the toughest conditions. The standard is not enough; sensors which can reliably detect objects and offer high availability even in rough industrial environments are required.

MLP1 from SICK: magnetic locking device for process protection

The safety switch featuring a magnetic locking function is the efficient solution for applications that require process protection in addition to the safety function. The transponder safety switch uses self-monitored semiconductor outputs to guarantee maximum safety for door monitoring. Whats more, a strong electromagnet ensures that the maintenance door stays closed and the production process is not interrupted. The combination of these two low-wear technologies provides high door offset tolerance and increases the availability of the machine. The innovative mounting concept and surface actuator enable optimum integration into the machine design.

Monitoring automated guided vehicles (AGV) - with Safe Motion Control from SICK

The ideal solution for automated guided vehicle systems where people might be present in the hazardous area. The Safety Encoder DFS60S Pro is centrally connected to the safety controller Flexi Soft and thus enables speed and brake ramp monitoring. This monitoring optimizes the safety laser scanner's protective fields, which creates more effective use of the available space.

Contrast sensor KTM from SICK: Mini, easy, speedy

The KTM contrast sensor from SICK stands out thanks to its high grayscale resolution integrated in a small, established housing. The optimized OES4 ASIC technology and a response time of 35 s ensure reliable and accurate detection of contrast differences even on shiny materials. The various teach-in methods mean greater flexibility during commissioning. The integrated IO-Link can be used to access the parameter settings. This speeds up and simplifies format changes. The KTM reliably detects marks even in conditions with weak contrast ratios and is ideal for use in a wide range of applications. For use in all contrast detection applications, particularly the packaging industry - Print mark detection on continuous materials for controlling the cutting process - Positioning of tubes - Label alignment on bottles

Make transparent objects visible - without a reflector: TranspaTect from SICK

Thanks to new technologies from SICK, TranspaTect MultiTask photoelectric sensors are now able to detect transparent and semitransparent trays and bottles without the need for reflectors, a frequent source of errors. In these applications, the reference surface is provided by a stable matte background. Sensitivity is taught in simply by pressing the teach-in button. Even high-gloss, reflective, or uneven surfaces can be detected reliably. Combined with AutoAdapt, SICK's function for continuous threshold adaptation, TranspaTect sensors provide a cost-effective and reliable detection solution in packaging processes in the food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals industries.

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